Automotive Repair

Our Services & Repairs

  • Car, Light & Heavy Duty Truck; Repairs & Services
  • General & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Exhaust Systems Diagnosis and Repair
  • Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
  • Engine Tune-ups
  • Brakes, Tires, & Oil Changes
  • State Motor Vehicle Inspections and Federal DOT Inspections
    • Car/Truck
    • Trailer
    • Motorcycle
    • Semi
  • 24 Hour Towing Services
  • Shuttle Services within Cape Girardeau city limits
  • Maintenance Records for the life of our business, or how long you own your car
Fleet Services

Fleet Services

We can maintain fleet services & repairs for your organization in a timely and cost effective manner. At Seyer’s we strive to do things right the first time.

24 Hr Towing Services

24 Hr Towing Services

Now offering 24-hr towing & roadside assistance services.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

We offer a free shuttle service within the Cape Girardeau city limits while your vehicle is being serviced with us.

Motor Vehicle Inspection

  • A Missouri Motor Vehicle Inspection may be required for one to get there vehicle registered in Missouri. If the vehicle is 6 years old, it needs an inspection done every year to two years depending on how many years one buys. An IDOD – same cost – is required if a vehicle is bough out of state before those 6 years are up.

Tire Rotation

  • Many suggest to do a tire rotation every other oil change to help keep the wear on your tires even.

Tire Mount & Balance


A/C Service - Full

  • Check condition of all belts and lines. Evacuate &  Recharge with R-134a & Test system performance.

Computer Programing

  • Re-program or update modules in the vehicle.

Computer Diagnostics

  • Hook up to diagnostic equipment to read the codes & look at real time readings to diagnose what is going on with the vehicle.

A/C Service - Partial

  • Recharged a/c system with Freon.

Transmission Flush

  • Transmission flush can smooth shifting, extends fluid life, conditions seals, prevents leaks, & expensive repairs. However, needs to be done on a schedule as regular maintenance.

Fuel Induction - Gas

  • Improves Driveabilty, Reduces Emissions, Restores Horsepower, Cleans Fuel Injectors, Removes deposits from intake valves, & ports, Cleans air intake system & Cleans throttle body.

Brake Flush

  • Flushes entire  brake system, Removes all of the old worn out oxidized and contaminated fluid from brake lines & master cylinder. Also we inspect system for leaks, corrosion, worn pneumatic parts, harmful varnish buildup, broken or rusted bleeder valves worn pads and rotors & air in the brake lines.

Power Steering Flush

  • Desolves & suspends varnish build up & deposits, that form in the power steering system. Alleviates squeal, jerky feelings from steering wheel, prevents fluid leaks, & reduces wear.

Coolant Flush

Coolant Flush
  • Inspect hoses and clamps.  Pressure test cooling system.  Flush engine, radiator, and heater core in both directions.  Bring antifreeze to -35 degrees.  PH balance coolant to between 9.8 to 10.5.  Check thermostat and electric cooling fan operation.

Fuel Induction (Diesel)


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Repair & Services:

Towing, engine tune-up, State & DOT Inspections, brake system, exhaust system, A/C & heating repair, electrical diagnosis and repair, general & scheduled maintenance. We have you covered, wheel-to-wheel.